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Born from a team of competitive athletes showered with the highest awards in sport skydiving, Arizona Arsenal is the unrivaled choice in high end military skydiving training and rigging.


We offer the finest professional freefall instruction, vertical wind tunnel instruction, freefall videography, stunt work, packing and rigging services.




Whatever your end game is, military or civilian, mission or skydiving world record, our expert coaches can provide instruction, rigging support, and help to put together the jump trip or program you need to accomplish your training goals.  




Arizona Arsenal began as a competitive skydiving team in 2006 with members Steve Curtis, Amy Chmelecki, Jason Peters, Ty Losey, and Sara Curtis. The team pioneered a new competitive discipline known as Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS). Competitive VFS is true test of skill, speed, and precision flying on every axis, and the team showcased their skills by winning the first ever VFS competition in 2006. 


The lineup rotated over the years with several other high-level skydivers such as Dusty Smith, Travis Mills, Brandon Atwood, Niklas Daniels, Kim Winslow, and Michael Friedman. The team continued to rack up an impressive resume having gone on for many years to win local, national, and world level competitions.  They also organized state, national, and world records, and became involved with stunt work for movies, tv, and special projects. 


The team’s high-level skill, professionalism, and drive made them some of the most highly sought-after coaches in the sport of skydiving. The natural evolution after making a powerful impact on body flight in the civilian world was expanding efforts into U.S. Military parachute training and bringing this knowledge to elite U.S. military skydivers to help them advance the scope of their special skills and training. 


Arsenal set the bar for the VFS discipline and has since remained a dominant influence in the progression of body flight. 

Check out some of our competition and world record history going back to 2006 when Arsenal was born. We could go way back before that with our members, but there is just too much!

2019 Upright World Record 89way, Organizers and record holders
2019 Texas State Upright Record 45way - Co-Organizers and record holders
2019 Upright World Sequential Record 4point 20way – Co-Organizers and record holders
2018 Vertical Sequential World Record, 3 and 4 point skydives – record holders
2017 Women’s Upright World Record 31Way – Organizers and record holders
2016 Unofficial 1st Night Vertical 30way Record, Skydive Chicago
2016 Women’s Vertical World Record 65Way – Organizers and record holders
2016 US Nationals – Silver 4 Way VFS
2016 Upright Vertical World Record 72way – Organizers and record holders
2015 US Nationals – Silver 4 Way VFS
2015 Vertical World Record 167way – record holders
2014 Upright Vertical World Record 52way & 44way – Organizers and record holders
2014 US Nationals – Gold 4Way VFS
2014 World Championships Czech - Silver 4Way VFS
2013 US Nationals – Gold 4Way VFS
2013 Women’s Vertical World Record 63way - Organizers & record holders
2012 US Nationals – Silver 4Way VFS – Arizona Arsenal

2012 World Vertical Record 138 way – record holders
2011 US Nationals – Silver 4 Way VFS
2010 US Nationals – Silver 4 Way VFS
2010 Women’s Vertical World Record 41way- Organizers and record holders
2010 World Championships Russia – Silver 4 Way VFS
2009 World Cup Czech Republic – Gold 4 Way VFS
2009 US Nationals – Gold 4 Way2009 World Vertical Record 108way - record holders
2009 Australian National Vertical Record – Organizers, camera
2008 FAI World Cup VFS – Gold 4 Way VFS2008 US Nationals – Gold 4 Way VFS
2008 Women’s Vertical World Record 20-way – Organizers, record holders
2007 US Nationals – Silver 4 Way VFS2007 National record longest sequence in VFS
2007 Vertical World Record 69-way – record holders
2006 US Nationals – Gold 4 Way VRW Official Test Event
2006 Canadian Vertical Record  - Organizers and record holders